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    Honest, Sincerity, and Professional service


    No one likes terrible deal, and we try to avoid it happens.

    To us, honest is everything, we responsible to every word we say. 

    With years of Bubble Tea industry experience and customer's feedback, we provide:


    1. High quality & customized ingredients for Bubble tea


    2. Professional training program for beginners


    3. Best solution and suggestion for your store


    4. Design your own menu

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    Young and Fresh, Interesting Food of Taiwan

    "FOOD" is always the first impression to Taiwan for foreign people, and this is what we proud of.

    Sharing good stuff from this beautiful island is the reason why we have this company.


    There are many companies for Bubble tea industry, so what make us special?

    KenMori International Co.,Ltd. combines all unique bubble tea ingredients for people, we provide anything that you can think of!

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    Unique Flavors of Ingredients 

    What's the difference between Kenmori and other company?

    Flavors and quality tells everything.


    Provide the ingredient is just a basic, the key is the special flavor to catch people's brains, and this is what we focus on.

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    Specialist from each Professional


    We gather specialists from Tea, Flavor powder and syrup, Boba, and other toppings.


    We believe that each field has their own professional knowhow, and this way can select the best items from all categories.

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    Beside Bubble Tea,

    what else?

    KenMori also provide Taiwanese local snacks such as Marshmallow Buiscuits and Japanese Agar Candies, which is made by an independent workshop to create customized orders.


    More and more product will be released and we'd love to hear what you looking for!